Monday, December 29, 2008

Goodbye Year (Radio Rhythm Version)

If a song about the end of a decade can come out two years after the decade, why can't we use it to celebrate the end of a decade a year in advance? Or at least simply re-celebrate the end of the seventies, 2008 style. Celebrate whatever end to whatever year(s) you want, I won't judge:

Yaz - Goodbye Seventies (1982)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Greg Wilson vs. Shell

New trends in design. Who started it all?

Greg Wilson:

Shell snake drill campaign to get at "difficult oil":

Saturday, December 20, 2008

West India Company - Ave Maria (Om Ganesha) (1984)

Amazing track played on a recent Beats in Space. Includes requisite: handclaps, techy synth, congas, tic-toc percussion, subdued funky bassline, layered diva echoy vocals, & some chanting. Co-produced by Stephen Luscombe from Blancmange (if you have a good ear you can tell from the bassline & drum patterns - found in songs like
"Game Above My Head").

also mentioned here in August:

Coke Escovedo - I Wouldn't Change A Thing (1976)

Pretty nice break in beginning with some memorable conga action throughout. Mellow vibes and decent guitar wah wahs. The break has been sampled and you probably heard it at a middle school dance. Coke was a percussionist for Santana with a connection to Prince via his neice Shiela E(scovedo).

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dance to ZE Beat New Year's Eve: Sal P (DFA/Liquid Liquid), dj Spun (Rong), Nate B (Tussle), Conor (Red Dot)

NYE w/ Sal P (DFA/Liquid Liquid), Nate B (Tussle) & Tristes Tropiques. Early warmup sets from Spun (Rong) & Conor (Red Dot)

Sal P (Liquid Liquid/DFA/99)

Nate B (Tussle)

Special early sets to warm things up (9-11pm):

DJ Spun (Rong)


Conor (Red Dot)

host: Tristes Tropiques (Radio Rhythm)

Edinburgh Castle Pub

950 Geary St, San Francisco

9 pm – 2 am

$10/$12 after 11pm

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Africa System - Anikana-o (1978)

Crazy congas, scat-African-chanting, & badass bassline. Futuristic stuff that sounds like 1982, not 1978! Pick up the Zulu mix if you can find it! Produced by Dario Raimondi and Alvaro Ugolini. Energy Production Records.

John Rocca - I Want It To Be Real

Arcade action! Handclaps, lasers, and a creepy Liquid Sky type of intro. Whew!

Wobble/Edge/Czukay - Snakecharmer (1983)

Francois Kevorkian production! Czukay from Can! Jah Wobble! And even the Edge shows up for guitar work. Whoah man!