Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Musik - While You Wait (1981)

Jam packed sampledelic dreamy italo-esque pop-leaning track. Great for a day of motoring around the countryside. My new favorite band. The LP with this track climbed all the way to #67 on the UK charts!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sleeping Bag Sessions (2009)


Duh! Wanted to report on this a few weeks ago but never got around to it. I can write a paragraph on each song but I will restrain myself.

Namesake remixes rereleased!!!!! Without Killer Whale I am nothing.


1. 5 Minutes Bombing Mix (Bonzo Goes To Washington)
2. Tiger Stripes (Felix )
3. You Cant Hold Me Down (Felix)
4. Radio Rhythm (Clandestine featuring Ned Sublette)
5. Chill Pill (Sounds Of JHS 126 Brooklyn)
6. School Bell/Tree House (Indian Ocean)
7. Treehouse (Indian Ocean)
8. Go Bang! (Dinosaur L)
9. 5 Minutes Radio MiX (Bonzo Goes To Washington)
10. Radio Rhythm Dub Mix (Killer Whale)

The Glimmer Twins - Undercover of the Night (1983)

Not the Glimmers, but the Rolling Stones! What's the difference you may ask, since the Glimmers probably totally love this song...

Embedding is disabled so copy and paste for this killer video!

Guns, bullets, explosions, pools, fake mustaches, kidnapping etc.

Decent, but lacking in a few areas "extended mix" here:

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Duh Duh Duh (2009)

I mean, the latest and greatest listing service for in the know shows in the Bay Area. Great handy little resource that keeps on giving week after week for those tough to find shows that happen in basements, backyards, broom closets & back alleys.

Dig? Dar? Duh?

Look for one of these cardboard collectibles at a store near you:

The Equals - Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys (1971)

The Clash covered this band with "Police On My Back". Eddie Grant is in this band, who later penned the cheesy "Electric Avenue" but also way more killer dance floor cuts. Dj Harvey's side project Map of Africa also covered this song. Need I say more? I first heard this band at Little Joy in Echo Park. I shouldn't have just revealed that. Oops. The Map of Africa version is on the 2006 Sal Principato & Kaos mix "Collectors Series" (which totally rules btw).