Friday, October 31, 2008

JAH WOBBLE, LIEBEZEIT & CZUKAY - How Much Are They - 1981

Holy shit!!!!!
Post-PiL, post-Can, dubby disco delight! Excellent blend of percussive layers, dub synths, spacey vocal samples, & jah-min' bassline.

According to Youtube "This song became a cult classic in Los Angeles due to heavy radio airplay in the early 80's." Hmmmmm...ok...also a dance floor killa in the early 80s from all the finest djs!

Also, some quick internet searching revealed that this was also discovered by Mike Simonetti a few years ago:

Re-released July 2007 by Electropolis Records as a Peter Black re-edit.

Also included on a Glimmers mix cd from November 2004.

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