Saturday, December 12, 2009

Upcoming Things

new monthly happy hour @ 222 hyde (222 hyde st) w/ jason aka robotsinheat. drink specials and food deals. 3 turntables and a cray-zay soundsystem.

annual philly pilgrimage @ medusa lounge:

From Philadelphia CityPaper:

"So it’s the day after Christmas and your all full of cookies and candy canes and whatever other over-indulgences you’ve shoved down your throat. Your broke cuz of society’s pressure to consume excess nothingness (and ya know that recession thing people talk about). But damnit, you still want to go out to drink and dance! I’m sayin’ you could probably mosey on over to this spot for some cheap beverages plus nice sounds, and have ya self a grand ol’ time. San Francisco’s Tristes Tropiques is bringin’ his unique and moody stylings of electronic post rock dance hybrids. Hopefully he’ll bring some of that west coast warmth with him."

Get ya afternoons poppin' with some grub, dranky dranks and smooth music vibes!
w/ Tristes Tropiques, Ed Blammo, No Arms

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